My Boy: Part 62

3 places we went today and 3 meltdowns. Yes, it was sensory overload to the fullest. One being because he became attached to a plastic sting ray toy in the dollar store and I told him he could not have it. After that, it was major break down. He just had to have that toy, for some reason. I will admit, sometimes I do get him a small toy or something that he becomes attached to in a store if he in that enthusiast about it, but definitely not today. This was the second meltdown of the day. Teh one earlier being on the way back from Walmart in the car on I95 driving. He was already upset because i would not get him something at the store, I al;ready forgot what it was anyhow…He was screaming in the car, yelling and shouted that he was going to fire all of the people in Walmart and fire all of the people in the world. Then, Then..just then, he said he was going to fire me, yes he did. He said if I did not get him everything he wanted, he was going to fire me. Then he even added, “Do you understand me, Mommy..Do you hear me, Mommy?” I just totally ignored him while driving. He keep going on for a bit an I kept ignoring . It worked cause he got tired and stopped an did did not lose my breath yelling at him or getting angry. It was an overwhelming day for him, well at least a portion of it was because he started the day off great by painting and doing crafts. He had a good time at karate and then Boom. I am grateful that this does not happen quite as often as it used to.Boy, I do not miss it but I thank God that he was able to calm down at home where he then ate and relaxed.He did apologize to me for being a naughty boy and said sorry for hurting my feelings. Today was a day that I remembered he has autism where many days I can tend to almost forget, ya know. He was flapping and doing this thing with the mouth. Lately he has been having an oral fixation- fingers and things in his mouth. For the remainder of the day he watched TV and played. He went to bed with a cool night light he found in the garage. His own bed, alone and he did not even need a story. He just told me to check on him and of course I will, I always do. Everyday, especially the meltdown segment in today, I try to gain more patience and get a deeper understanding of autism and what it actually does to my child. My son is a happy child and he deserves the world. I just could not give it to him today. I did not punish him because it may get confusing trying to understand the whole autism side of things. But he is getting it, hopefully. I just talked to him, then I ignored him. That worked today at least. What a difference from yesterday’s outing at Barnes and Noble where he was calm and cool. He played with toys and put them away with no problem. Whatever it is, I pray that he does not feel anxiety or pain.I want him to experience peace and overcome autism.

I am going to have to make him a calming sensory bottle. I have seen several of those projects on Pinterest, if you know of any, let me know.Thank you. I am thinking putting his little animals and the tiny things that he really loves inside the bottle so he can see them float all around when he shakes it.



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