My Boy: Part 59

He is so sweet. Jorge Juan did not want to leave me alone in the house this morning because Daddy was not home from work yet. We went outside to wait for the school bus. He was happy. He got on the bus anyway. I told him I was going to be fine. He quickly shoved a small Buzz Lightyear into his jacket pocket and was ready to go. He has a friend on the bus that always waves to me. Today, I thought this little boy was waving but when I got a closer look, I realized that he was stimming and I looked and a tear began to fall. I understand it. I have seen it in my home. I see it in my home and wherever my son feels excited. I understand what this boy was doing but I still teared up. It is because I understand him and others who see him may not. they may make fun of him and judge him. My heart ached and when I told my husband, I was crying. I thought that it is not fair, people and children may not understand and they ay pick on him or whatever. It hit close to home because Jorge Juan is on the spectrum. He is my heart and if someone saw him stimming, what would they say/ What would they think? I just pray that when my husband and I are not around him that there are people around him who love and care for him. People that understand and respect him and will make him feel comfortable.

All children deserve to be comfortable and valued. My son does not have a disability, he has a super ability. I would not want to change his journey. I would rather change the world for him than change him for this world. I am his advocate, always. It is more than autism awareness, it is autism acceptance. I thank God for where my son is today because it has not always been that way. I have never prayed for a cure because he is an intelligent, loving, caring, sweet boy- there is nothing “wrong”.  I have faith that things will get better because they have not just because of therapies, etc. No, it is faith and love , first and always. There are breakthroughs, yes I believe. But if autism has made my son the boy he is today, then we are here to stay.

This is his journey. Thank you for being a part of it.



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