The Case of the Missing Tooth…

Jorge Juan lost his first tooth!!! Exciting time, yes it has been. The tooth was MIA for a day but we got it back in a ziploc bag! Awesome, we were waiting for it. For several weeks, Jorge’s front bottom tooth has been wiggly. Every single day I would have to check his wiggly tooth (only after measuring his muscles and height, and yes this was an everyday thing). So, the tooth was super wiggly but I thought it would be at least another week or so before it popped out. So, the tooth came out two days ago at school. He came speeding off the bus exclaiming that his tooth came out. Wow, it was awesome to see him excited. He said the tooth was in his folder, but we could not find it anywhere. My husband even called his teacher. Mr. G said he would look for it on the playground but he told me Ms. P had the tooth. Anyway, Jorge told us he lost the tooth because he bit into his apple then he pulled it out and the other version was that he was on the playground and bumped something and his tooth fell out. Jorge gave the tooth to the aide…OK, so he came home that day with no tooth, kind of upset because he thought it was in his folder and he wanted to put it under the pillow so the tooth fairy could come and give hi some money. At first, he only wanted coins but that quickly changed. Anyway, Jorge came home with his missing tooth inside of a ziploc bag yesterday, it was in his folder. His teacher wrote a note saying that somehow it made its way out but anyhow yay!!! the tooth is here.


So we talk about the tooth fairy. He was excited and we even made up a song to sing so the tooth fairy would arrive while he was sleeping. We put the tooth under the pillow. We left it in the bag and taped the bag to his mattress so there would be no chance of him losing it another time, lol. So he said he wanted paper money. He quickly and eagerly went to bed and slept on his pillow. The Tooth Fairy snuck in his room, grabbed his tooth and put a 20 dollar bill in the bag. The Tooth Fairy  was going  to give him 10 but I guess there was no time to go to the bank. Phew, we made it. I believe we were just as excited as him about this. So..Jorge Juan wakes up at 6;30 n the morning calling me. So my husband and I jump out of bed, we knew what it was. He was so happy telling us that the tooth fairy had left him a dollar. Yes, he still thinks it is a dollar only because it is a single bill. It is too cute. So, while waiting for the bus, Jorge Juan told me that the Tooth Fairy looked like Cinderella with wings. Ahh..just as I imagined. And she even talked to him as he noted she told him he was being good and listening so he gets one cent. Too funny. So, the case of the missing tooth has been solved. And now it is n safe keeping.


Now, if I did not tell you, would you know my son has autism?

Children are innocent. Their innocence is priceless, magical. It needs no other labels. A “typical” experience for a “non typical” child. I love my indigo!! To be a child..To find happiness in every little thing. It is pure magic. They have so much to teach us. My best professor yet and I always get an “A” .




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