A Note from Dany..

Less than 2 weeks!! I can not believe how time has flown by. In just a blink of an eye it seems, sometimes. Other times, it seems like it takes forever. I do not wish to rush time or wish that I would hurry up and finish this ASAP because once I am done, I will miss it. I will miss being in class and doing homework. I believe that to be true. Since this is my very last course, EDU699, it is bittersweet. It seems like forever that I have been in school studying and working. It is what I know, what I love, no matter how complicated it may seem and get. I love being in school and at the same time I am ready to be done, not rushing it, but ready. I am not sure if or when I will ever go for a PhD or another type of doctorate. I may need a brain break for now and much needed time to expand professionally. There is  a lot that goes into trying to be successful and it is not for the weak. At this time last year, I started my Masters in Education program. Almost a whole year has come on by. I have been so busy to realize the time, maybe that is such a great thing because along the way my family and I went to Ecuador and a few weeks ago we went to Disney World for Spring Break. I am very blessed. I have been feeling quite anxious because of the time and how much that I still need to do. I just have to stop and breathe and realize how far I have come. It is all worth it. Anything in life worth having takes effort, commitment, discipline, work and faith. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to obtain my degree and I will pay it forward. My only speeds in life are give BACK and pay it FORWARD. I will always try my best to do both. My husband and son are such inspirations and I thank God everyday for them.

Giving up is easy..going forward may not be so easy but it WILL be worth it.

Thank you all for reading,



Time to keep on going and get a move on it. Success is waiting and it is always around the corner.



2 thoughts on “A Note from Dany..

  1. You are so close to being done. I completely identify with you wanting to be done but at the same time, certain you’ll miss it. I felt like that when i was in school too. Every time I was coming to the end of a course I would be sad, yet excited to be done with it. That compounded when I was at the end of my degree.

    Wishing you a pleasurable last couple of weeks.

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