Au-some Things…


One day there are going to be some people saying they are autistic or that their child is or may be on the spectrum because it is “cool”. No one knows where autism comes from yet the rates of autism are increasing drastically over time. As of today, the numbers seem to be 1 in 68 children. Autism is not a disability. To me, it is a different ability. An ability so intense that it has yet to be understood. An ability so complex, the origin has yet to be found. My son has autism. Yes, he is autistic. I would not trade it for the world. I would much have my son be a kind hearted gentle soul than a rude and selfish neuro typical child. My son is an indigo child as many children on the spectrum. Autism is not a bad word. It is something we live with everyday. I am an advocate for my son and other children on the spectrum. I am my son’s voice although he is now able to speak. I will push for what is right and just for him. I will make sure he is respected and cared for.I will educate people on his world and likenesses.


I will always stand up for his rights. I will always speak up for him and be his voice. He is meant to shine and I will never hide him from the world.IamMoreThanAutism1
Yes, he is more than autism, so much more.
1525277_10201829375233415_107751085_nsigns-of-autism-in-toddlersautism diagnosis


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