Autism Lives Here, Do You Want to Visit?


We are in Autism Awareness Month.Today is World Autism Awareness Day but everyday in our home is autism awareness. Some days are very easy while other days may be a challenge. The trick is to use those challenging days for learning, understanding and acceptance. It can get difficult but it is not impossible. there are days where I forget that my son has autism and other days I am reminded the whole day. That is just a part of who he is. He is on the autism spectrum but autism does not have him. We have come to see autism as a blessing in disguise. It can be quite a challenge but we have made it this far only to keep moving forward and upward. If I could, I would not take away autism from my son, it is a part of him. It is how God made him. He is our gift. He has come so far. We have never lost hope and always kept our faith knowing that Jorge Juan will succeed in life. He will become a great man because he is a great, intelligent child now. It is more than autism awareness, it is about acceptance. It is about understanding.My son goes to school and has an IEP. He has his ASD teacher as well he is in a mainstream Kindergarten class. This has been a blessing. He has been achieving so much. He feels as a part of the other children, which that is the way it should be. Yes, he flaps, jumps, stims but that is how his body reacts when he is stimulated. His brain works so fast that his body can not keep up with it so that is his way of expression.

Jorge Juan was diagnosed with ASD a little after he was three years old. He was non verbal for a very long time. We did not know when he would talk but deep down we knew that he would. His short story can be found on this link:

His ongoing journey is here

When he was diagnosed in 2011, the numbers were like 1 in 125, as of today, it is 1 in 68. We are aware of that. It is time to move towards the next step which is acceptance. Yes, my son has autism. Do not feel sorry for him. He is just fine. He is not disabled or have a “disorder”, he just has a different order. He is unique and a part of the spectrum. I say do not feel sorry for him because he does not need pitty. He can see, hear, walk, read and is healthy. He is a growing boy. He gets vaccinated. He eats relatively healthy. He is special. He is different because he is one of a kind and he has a purpose  in this world.


As his mommy, it is my job to be his advocate. It is my duty to protect him and at the same time show him off to the world. It is my job to show the world that he is different, not less. He is my indigo child. His soul is admirable at such a young, tender age.It is my job to see the world through my child’s eyes and to stop at nothing for his rights and interventions. I was his voice before he could speak and as his mommy, I will always be his voice. I will explain my child to teachers,communities, doctors, therapists – whoever I need to.So, I will keep cutting the tags out of his clothes and off of his toys. I will help him cover his ears from loud noises, whatever it takes. He brings a whole new meaning to our world.


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