My Boy: Part 56


Jorge Juan was very busy today…So here it goes; he just said he wanted to help me with the keys,. So, the following is straight from him.

ghhghhgmtoycar – Here he was figuring out where the letters are and looking to spell words. So, here we have toy and car. He is so excited about this.

jorge loor juan – Here he typed his name all by himself. Cute, first, last, middle but he is quickly learning to locate the keys, which is awesome.

fast cat loor dadgog hog  gungum -He was excited about typing some words here. He already memorized the space bar and backspace keys. He finds this enjoyable and he is learning. It is really awesome to watch him do so. The lap top is very different from his tablet. He likes the feels of the keys. It is a really neat experience that should happen more often especially since we are in a technology mode everywhere we go.

As he was looking and searching the keyboard, he was sounding out the letters. I bet he is going to ask again tomorrow to type some more. That is great thought. He is understanding more now that I am sharing his story and telling you all about him. well in his mind, he is on the internet and I put him on a website : ) Too cute!!!

Yesterday, Jorge Juan went to karate. He did fairly well despite the fact that he did not receive the reward lollipop. I understand that but he did do better than the last several times. We went shopping at a few stores and he only had a mild tantrum because he wanted to go in the dollar store. He lived. He got over that after the fact that my mom took him while I was grocery shopping. All was well in his world because he met up with me with his plastic bag filled with a book, a box of fruit snacks and a fishing game. Well, 5 out of 6 packs of Angry Birds fruit snacks were eaten before we got home and the fishing game is missing in action, unopened. The book, he put the stickers in last night and that was that.

He watched some cartoons today and paled a lot. he also did his own little project with sand and water, he loves sensory and hands on play. He also practiced writing and read 2 short stories. He was active all day but went to bet a few minutes earlier than usual after a nice bath. Sometimes this little dud gives me a run for my money but I would never change him for the world. He is unique. He does not like tags on clothes or on any stuffed animal or toy at all. He stims from excitement and runs back and forth. He is repetitive with his questions. Lately, he has been keeping us on our toes. He has been over stimulated but all in all, he is an empathic, loving child with a heart of gold.He is on the autism spectrum and he is mine. Thank You God.



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