My Boy: Part 55

I am so proud of JJ. He now has an orange belt in Tang Soo Do Karate. He is advancing and doing very well. He was very excited to receive his promotion. But one thing, he has been acting out quite a bit lately. He has been having a negative attitude when returning from school and in the morning when he first wakes up. Usually he is very good when waking up and happy to be home after getting off the bus. We are thinking that he is taking on the behavior from another child/children in his class. Not sure about that. Some of the words he uses as well do not seem like his own either. Also in therapy while waiting for his OT, he copied the bahavior of another child who entered the room screaming and then proceeds to pick up a plastic child size chair and throw it. I saw how JJ watched him and studied what the other child was doing. He then went and did the same thing. The mother noticed and apologized to me. I tole her no worries. I know how children can be at times. Sometimes it was easier for me to have a classroom of 22 five year olds than to manage my son even though my background and undergraduate degree is in Child Studies. Could it be a mother’s weakness? Sometimes I have been puzzled because I try hard to understand autism. I try not to be over protected. I want him to feel as any other child would and have the choices as a typical child may have. I do not feel sorry for my son. He is strong and a blessing from God. I know that he will always be protected from up above. i try not to worry how the world would perceive him in the future because I have faith in his abilities. I have faith is people’s awareness of others on the spectrum and most of all I have faith that God works wonders and makes no mistakes, ever. He is a really good child. I am just guessing that this is a little road bump and that is all. That is what I believe to be true. I am also thinking it could be over stimulation as well. He has been covering his ears a lot lately. He gets scared when the music is too loud at karate or when all the kids are screaming and kicking and punching. If it continues I will have to take him to the ENT. Also because he wants the volume higher than usual when watching TV. I pray that his tubes served him well and nothing more is needed. Overall, I thank God that he is healthy and is able to walk, talk and see. beyond blessed. Autism come sin many packages and can change from day to day.

I am working together with his teacher and speech therapist at this time to make a visual activity chart for him. The reason is because he asks the same questions over and over about what is going to happen next and what will happen after that etc. Also, he always asks, over and over again, where are we going, after that where, and after that and so on.. She believes it stems from the anxiety of not knowing what will happen next and the need to know exactly what will happen next. She has given me some tips and clues which is awesome because her degree is in ASD/special education. I will let you know how that goes.



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