My Boy: Part 54

We made it from Connecticut to Florida and back driving. We took a road trip to Disney World for Spring break. It was a 22 hour trip but really did not seem that long. Jorge Juan was awesome. He did very well. I was so surprised at how well he maintained himself. He slept. He kept busy. He played. He watched out the window. I was really proud of him. He made the trip easier. It is a long way for anyone especially a child and one who is on the spectrum at that. We stopped plenty of times to eat and take a break. Jorge Juan enjoyed it all along the way. He brought along his backpack of toys but did not need to take them all out. He was good with a few of them. He never once complained but did cry to sit all the way in the back. He did not want to sit in the middle. He insisted on being all the way back. So once he sat there, he was fine. Very surprised he lasted that ling. It still amazes me. I would have never imagined bringing him on a road trio a couple years ago. Even now we did not know what to expect but everything worked out because we had faith in it.


So we made it to Disney. We all loved it. By the end of the day we were super exhausted. Jorge lasted all day. We were there for about 11 hours walking around and such. He walked the entire time. Of course taking sitting breaks on the trolley and train but other than that Jorge Juan walked and walked without crying or complaining. We were so blessed. It was amazing. Not even once did we need to think of tenting a stroller. The excitement took over him. It was great. Very tiring but all worth it. I forgot, as many times I do, that my son is on the autism spectrum. It amazes me. There are days I do not even think about autism. There’s always a bright side to it all. I wouldn’t change my son for the world. What a difference early intervention and therapies make along with unwavering faith and determination. We will succeed. 


So he got to meet Woody and Jessie. Mickey!! We saw him too along with others. It was a very memorable experience that I wish all children can have. He asked a million questions there and back, lined up his toys at the vacation home, flapped here and there but that’s just him. He is a boy first, autism is secondary and nothing will stop him. Going back a few years, I remember hearing silence. He wasn’t soeaking yet. So, these questions upon questions are blessings in disguise and are very welcome even when we do not have the answers.


I love my piece of the puzzle. Everyday is a new experience and we learn so many valuable things from him. We do not know what we would do without Jorge Juan. We have seen many challenging days in the past. We have seen many appointments. We have seen many therapies, sessions, meetings, IEPs, sleepless nights, fidgeting, flapping, stunning and so on. But we made it through. As I look back, it made us stronger. When Jorge was not speaking, I did not know when he would be able to or if he would be able to properly but I just knew I had to hear his voice. As always, I will still be his voice. Spreading autism awareness. There’s no discrimination. It is a whole spectrum. It is diverse. Education is key.


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