My Boy: Part 52

Jorge Juan has to know everything that we are going to do when we are going to do it. Not only that, he has to know what we are doing after that and then he will ask after that what is going to happen. Also, he likes to ask the steps of things like what the first step is to making dough. When I tell him, he wants to know the second and other steps. He now always asks when there is school sndvwhen there is not and also why. Jorge Juan also likes to know what things are made of and why. He asks hundreds of questions a day. Countless questions, really. He is super inquisitive and has a need to know the way things work and are. He always needs confirmation by saying “right mommy” and even when I say yes, he asks my husband “right daddy?”. If we do not say it loud enough, he will ask until we say it again. I wouldn’t change a thing. I thank God that he can speak. I remember the days of waiting for him to even day his own name. He has come a long way. Hope. Faith. Love. Determination. Dedication. That’s what it takes. Treating autism as a blessing in disguise because from diagnosis and even before, it is a learning experience and a journey that can only be measured in love.



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