My Boy: Part 49

Yesterday at karate, Jorge Juan did not get a lollipop. Usually he does because he listens well but on a day like yesterday, he did not. He was more focused on looking at himself in the mirror, making funny faces and blowing kisses. Through out the class he was also asking repeatedly for a lollipop, hugging the cones and being a wiggle worm. He did say Yes, ma’am and not Yes, sir as he did  days the other days when Su Ba Nim Khyna was leading class. He seems to focus more when Sa Ba Nim is teaching. Master P. really gets him into it. And, as any child, he gets a little tired and lazy on a Saturday morning. He enjoys going and does well on Tuesdays and Thursdays especially.


Lately he has been running to our room around 5 or 6 in the morning to lay back down until school. He does not wake up crying or anything. He will just run and hop in with out saying a word. I got to get him back on track with staying in his bed. If I was a kid, I would love to be and stay in his room. It is awesome.

He is super excited about being on the internet. It is really cute. I finally told him that I write a blog about his story. I showed him this site and his pics. He was jumping up and down, grinning from ear to ear and could not wait to tell Daddy that he is on the internet. I explained to Jorge Juan that I write about him to share his story and successes in hopes that it will inspire others to never give up hoe and to keep faith. As he has come so far since his diagnosis of PDD-NOS, which is a part of the Autism Spectrum. I am pretty sure that he can feel the difference as well. Thank God that he is healthy and thriving.


I found the above pic somewhere on the internet. I really like it. Jorge Juan is very smart and teaches us every day. Right now he is into his angry birds tattoos and lining up his toys to watch TV. I do not like using the word autistic so much so I will just say that I am very proud of my son. Both my husband and I are very proud of his milestones, achievements and over all love for life and God.


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