My Boy: Part 47


Jorge Juan finally is back in school after have a super long weekend. The children had no school last Thursday or Friday and also no school Monday or Tuesday. He was happy to be going back although he has enjoyed his lazy days in the house. He played a lot, watched some TV, cared for his pets, colored, worked on projects and played some games. He also had so much fun playing with children at the playground in the mall and at my mother;s house when she was babysitting. He loves the interactions and enjoys the company very much. He brought his Valentine cards to school and is hoping to still have a party seeing that school was canceled due to the snow. Anyway, I hope he does. After school I have some fun in the snow planned for him. Our backyard is covered and untouched, so I am sure he will be thrilled to play outside. He has been doing very well. He has this new thing now with mimicking everything that we are saying. I do not know where that came from. Other than that he has been taking his vitamins and fish oil and has been very calm and relaxed.His symptoms are not visible. I always wonder where has Autism gone? He stims once and a while but NOTHING like before in the previous years or even months. We always keep faith and never give up hope, ever. His report card was super. He is doing very well academically and reaching all points set on his IEP. He is a great kid with a spectacular imagination. Love him to pieces!!!



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