My Boy: Part 46

Jorge Juan loves doing his homework lately. He is really into it. It is math. He has always loved numbers and been very good at counting. He uses foam blocks and dominos to count. I am really impressed at a wonderful job that he is doing and the improvements that he is making. He is comfortable holding a pencil with the correct tripod grip. His writing, in general, is more controlled and very neat and understandable. He is having fun and enjoying the learning process with less frustration and meltdowns. He is excited when he is doing hand son projects and sensory activities. The point for me is to make a strong connection between fun and learning. I want Jorge Juan to grow up loving to learn. I have been blessed that he really loves school and loves books. I read to him when he was in the womb. I would always go to the library and pick up books to read to him. I really believe in this.From before he could speak as a baby and toddler, he loved to read and look at words from a book. Also, when I was pregnant with Jorge Juan, I did Sudoku puzzles, so many of those Sudoku puzzles every day, in a book and on Nintendo DS. This is also a part why I believe he is good with numbers and enjoys math. I believe that him being on the Autism Spectrum is  a huge blessing. It took a lot to get use to but I would not ever change him for the world. My husband and I are blessed as parents and very proud of the achievements that he has made in his 5 years of life. He started his first year of Pre K without speaking and in diapers. He was in diapers for the whole year of first year Pre K. He went to pull ups and eventually out of diapers towards the middle to end of second year Pre K. The toilet training was a battle in which we overcame. Never give up.


He is loving, caring and empathetic. He is curious and loves to be creative. He loves God. he loves babies, animals and people. He is healthy. He is learning. He can see, walk, talk…why would i ever want to change that? Autism is just a label, that is all. Never give up. If you go back and read the start of Jorge Juan’s journey, you will see what he has been through, overcame and made it out the other side. It can happen. Never give up.



2 thoughts on “My Boy: Part 46

  1. Awesome! You’re such a great mommy and teacher! Keep up the great work!
    I read to all 3 of my kids since I was pregnant with them, and all 3 of them still love to read!! My youngest is in sixth grade and just got her results for her nwea test and she tested at a high 9th grade level!! This mommy couldn’t be more proud

    1. Thank you very much Jessica!!! You are a great mommy as well. I love to hear that you read to all of your babies, great job!! It has paid off. Wonderful work mommy. Your kids have a great role model to look up to. I appreciate your comment very much. xxoo

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