My Boy: Part 45

Jorge Juan had karate class today and he just was not into it. He did all of his high kicks and did his jogging around the mat but each time he kicked, he would fall down, on purpose and crawl to the back of the line. Waiting in line for his turn, Jorge would zone out, stare into space and do a little flapping of the hands, jumping in place and other ASD type movements. Overall, class went okay and he got his tiny lollipop at the end, but he just was not focused. He slept well and all. He still enjoys going to karate but I am guessing it is like when we were younger and would kind of waste a day in class or at school because we were day dreaming and could not remember most of the day.

He was very happy today because we went to my sister’s house today for lunch. She has a dog and Jorge loves to play with him. Actually he loves all animals and is very loving but was very excited to play with Buddy because he gets to run around and chase him unlike George and Zebra, his guinea pigs.

Jorge is becoming more independent. Tonight at bath time, he was washing his body and his hair. I want him to always know that he is capable of doing anything he sets his ind to. Of course I want him to learn important life skills that he is able to do on his own. He has come a long way and is coping very well. He puts on and takes off his own socks and shoes, only sometimes needing help. He can basically dress himself now. He feels good being able to do so too. That is important for children. They need to feel that they are contributors to this world.

Jorge Juan continues to take his vitamin and fish oil, in which he does not object to. He says he is growing stronger and turning into a teenager, as he shows off his muscles.He is getting better with his eating but one day I want to visit him in school during lunch time to see how he eats and interacts. Mostly I want to make sure he is not rushing, wasting food or things of that nature. He has been doing well with homework and I am so grateful that he enjoys school and creating projects. His writing and fine motor skills have advanced and he can cut very well now. He has been reading a lot this past week and is getting excited for Valentine’s Day!!




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