AU-Some Story

It was a great productive snow day for Jorge Juan. He was so excited to complete his project about Martin Luther King. He picked out the famous Black American from a whole list. Mind you, he is in Kindergarten. He told me why he chose Dr. King too. The project will be displayed at school for the month of February. He really likes that part. I printed out a few pictures for him of MLK, but he chose which ones he wanted. He then cut out the pictures by himself and pasted them onto colored paper. He chose the colors of the papers himself.

He decided that he wanted to make a book, so that is what it ended up being. He wrote his sentences by himself. He copied my writing on another paper to do so. He put cool stickers on his project. He chose the colors of the pipe cleaners to make the rings. I made the holes from a 3 hole punch but he placed the pipe cleaners in. He was so proud of himself and very happy. It was along project but it was fun and he stayed focused and interested in it. This is a big deal and a great milestone. He even explained to me and my husband who Martin Luther King was.
bbb It was very touching. Patience and discipline has been gained through some times. He has been perfecting his fine motor skills and becomes engaged in the learning process.He has been improving all the time.He is very healthy and I believe the fish oil that he has been taking is assisting with many things in his path way. I have not seen him flap his hand sin a very long time and he has been very mild mannered and behaved.Yeah he still leaves his hat at school, but that is nothing compared to the great advances that he is making. I am so proud of him.Autism is his super power. He has come a long way.
He also read a lot today. He was active and accomplished a lot. He played, watched some quality TV and he learned.Tomorrow he has school and karate.He is excited about his project and to show to his teachers.


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