Jorge Juan 2,3……..

Jorge Juan went to school today with a new hat, Well it is one that we had always in the closet but he never wore it. Anyhow, he did so because he forgot his hat at school yesterday, the new hat that we just bought for him because his other hat was getting small on him and we only used that hat because he had lost his awesome Spiderman hat at school and that was never to be found. He also started the school year with a monster had with little horns but he left that hat in Ecuador when we took our trip this past November. needless to say this kid has a thing with hats and i do not know what it is. Today I was expecting him to get off the bus with at least a hat but Nope…they both were left at school. I have asked his teachers to please remind him and help him put on his outwear when he goes to get the bus after school. He is only five and needs to be reminded not just because he has special needs but kids in Kindergarten need that extra push to do things and remember things at times especially when it comes to putting on hats, mittens and scarves. I am going to have to write another note to the teacher because I feel he should be encouraged to wear his items in this freezing cold.We always tell him to speak up and ask for help. i try to see things from the teachers’ side as well and I know you can not force a kid. I know they help him with his scarf and he has worn his mittens. It just perplexes me that this happens often.I try to understand the mannerisms of a five year old but we can not keep on buying hats. Disposable hats anyone> lol, gotta laugh, right?

He still has his mittens though. He only lost those about 2 times and they were found at school when he left the scarf. He still has his scarf and one mitten from the original pair.



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