My Boy: Part 44

Jorge is at Occupational Therapy today. I decided to take him back because he still foes not have a dominant hand. He uses both. He’s comfortable with both but it seems as though he has more control with his left hand. His writing is neater. So I thought he would benefit from the one on one help from his therapist. He enjoys it and it gets him out of the house to play and socialize with other children while we are waiting.He has been reading and writing and really enjoying cutting too. His grips have gotten so good.


He likes to do arts and crafts. He’s super excited about the Martin Luther King Jr. Project that we are going to create for school. He’ll get to use glue, stickers and more art supplies to make it unique. He looks forward to creating which makes me proud. We always have arts and crafts on hand.


Who is this child that doctors diagnosed with autism? The signs are just diminishing and barely viable at times. He has come a long way. It wasn’t always like this. Do not ever lose hope. Ever. I’ll never give up on Jorge Juan
He amazes us everyday. He has been taking Omega 3 chewables and recently just starting taking liquid fish oil. This stuff really is works. Once he’s been taking it long enough I will share mate results. Thanks for reading.


Teach your child to never say “I can’t”…encourage them to always try and never give up.


2 thoughts on “My Boy: Part 44

  1. Please share any noticeable changes from using fish oils! My son is 3 and I have been giving him omega 3. I love your encouragement to your child, please see and share your thoughts!

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