My Boy: Part 43

Right now he is jogging around the mats in karate class. Getting some exercise and focusing. This morning he decorated more of his wall with a variety of stickers. He loves it. He was making scenes. He is very creative and was expressing himself. This is important for children to do.


He still is sensitive to loud noises because as I see now he was covering his ears during the ten step in karate. After he finished he did say it was too loud. He has gotten better though and so much better with that.He has a lot of energy and is using it in a positive way today. He is really trying to work hard towards a red belt. He also has been doing well in school. The only thing is that he keeps losing mitens, hats and scarves and eventually we get them back days or weeks layer. Spiderman is still missing though and that was the coolest hat.


He really loves this app. He uses it all the time. The colors and sounds enligten him. He really focuses with it too. It helps him with fine motor skills. It is great and is soothing too. It is a go to when a break is needed from homework. By the way he stated taking fish oil yesterday. The liquid kind. We believe it is really going to help him as there are many benefits to it. He has been taking chewable omega 3 and it suits Jim well. I have faith in that. More to come on that at a later time. Right now he will have a day of play and learning in his newly cleaned room. Still has so many toys though. He really likes the tiny ones.


We got rid of so much and donated to BBBS. Tiny toys are:great for tinkering. They’re wonderful. Children with autism especially love them. I guess he’s typically autistic. That’s fine with me.


2 thoughts on “My Boy: Part 43

    1. Hello!! He is using 123 Trace and Glow. app and we got it on the Galaxy Note. Yes, the process of cleaning out toys is a real task in itself. Have a great day as well. Thanks fro stopping by.
      xxoo – Dany

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