My Boy: Part 42

Little toys everywhere. Tiny. Small. Little. Miniscule. They are everywhere. Jorge Juan loves them. Ever since he was a baby. He always has to hold something in his hands preferably tiny figures, army guys and things of that nature particularly squinkies. I mean everywhere. He puts them in socks, not just his but Daddy’s and Mommy’s too. I have found them in the couch and in between the seats of the car, in the bathroom and even looking down the drain. Ever since I could remember and even before we knew he had autism, there were little things in his hands and it made him super happy. He never put anything in his mouth either. I remember one time he carried a tiny button around for days and became upset when he lost it. When he falls asleep he always has something small in his hand and sometimes both hands too. In the middle of the night, when he was younger, if he’d drop them or they’d fall..he would cry until they were found. Meaning at whatever hour in the morning we would wake up and have to help him look in his crib/bed. It would really upset him. It gives him comfort and it is not hurting him do I’m okay with that. I would remember what he had in his hands while he was falling asleep so that way if he’d happen to wake up I know what to look for. This was helpful because he was non verbal until after he was 3 and a half years old almost 4. So this is his thing, ya know. It is what he likes. He brings tiny toys in his coat picket on the bus to kindergarten and he used to bring toys when be was in preschool but he had to hand them back to me at the door. When he was a baby one time he had a total of 5 big stuffed animals that he just had to bring in the car. We were going out to eat and he brought them inside. He cried because they would fall be cause it was such a large amount for his hands..I did not understand at the time. I though to myself the behavior wasn’t typical though. But typical is boring, right?



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