Thinking of you, Avonte…

I get to hug and kiss my son before he goes to sleep tonight. I am blessed beyond words. I can not begin to imagine the horrible pain that Avonte’s parents are going through now and ever since he went missing on October 4th, 2013. It is sad and truly heartbreaking to say the least. Not knowing the whereabouts of your son for months. Days and nights searching everywhere. This is a very tragic story. They are very strong parents because I do not know how I would have held it togethjer especially after the news of remains being found and waiting for DNA testing. I did not personally know Avonte but it hits home because my son has autism too.Avonte was unable to speak. I am so blessed that my son can speak. I though waiting almost 4 years was a long time to hear him talk. Anyways…

I have written a few blogs about Avonte in the past in hopes of someone reading and noticing to pass on the information to bring the boy safely home to his family. I have always prayed for him and his family. He has always been on my mind. When I read the news the other day, my heart just ached. I did not want to believe it. I do not want to imagine anyone harming a child especially a child with severe autism that is unable to speak. The thought is horrifying. Children are innocent. As we wait to find out the DNA results, I pray for his family and if it was Avonte that was found, I pray that he did not suffer. I can not imagine. Not at all. As a mom with a son who has autism. I do not want to. I can not help but be affected by this. No parent should have to go through this. Never. Ever.

This was something that could have and SHOULD HAVE been prevented. So many questions..I beleive the school has a lot of explaining to do. It can never bring a child back but they fall on total lack of responsibility. How do you let a child LEAVE the school ALONE, UNATTENDED? How is a child who has severe autism left alone when he is supposed to have care in school and a teacher with him at all time? What was up with those cameras? Really!!?? We all see this baby leaving the school..why??? Why wasn’t he stopped? Why was he left alone?  Ugh!!! God bless Avonte and give his parents strength during this unimaginable time or heartache and pain.

We send our children to school to be taken care of by professional and dedicated people who have the child’s best interests and well being in mind. What has happened here? Why has the system failed this family? I want to know and have a desire to know as a mommy, as a teacher and as a concerned human. These kind of things do not just happen and this is NOT just a mistake that can be brushed off. Yes we are all human and we are wired for being imperfect but this is totally unjust. A school, in New York..and no one, not a soul was there to see this boy leave out the door? What a shame.

Parents, hug and kiss your children tonight and tell them how much you love them.

As a teacher, other people’s worlds are in my hands and care and I promise to love them as my own and protect them from harm. I will be there for them, never to leave them alone. I would want and DO want teachers and therapists to do this for my son and I believe they do. I am blessed to have  a great team supporting my son and his journey.

Avonte, God bless you. I have never met you but I just know you are Awesome. Peace. Love. Awareness. You have touched the lives of many. You did not have to speak, your eyes said it all. Peace and love to your family- especially mommy and daddy. We are all hoping for a safe return home. And, if your home coming has already passed and you are with Our Heavenly Father, please protect and watch over your family sweet angel. But still, there is Hope. Love Wins Always.


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