This Could Be My Boy- Please Pray for Avonte

This is truly sad and heartbreaking. It hurts as a mom. It just hurts. And the waiting and everything. It is horrible. Prayers and love sent out to his mom, dad and family. I can not begin to imagine. By the way, the story is ongoing.. praying for peace and God’s love. It is very much needed. It akes me very angry. Of course, i hope t i snot Avonte, never. It is so sad because as of yet, we do not know but there are very strong links. This was someone’s child…so sad.

WPIX 11 New York

[trib_ndn wid=1 vid=25533442] COLLEGE POINT, Queens (PIX11) — Body parts that were discovered along the shore of College Point, Queens, Thursday night could belong to Avonte Oquendo, the missing boy with autism whose disappearance  in October prompted a city-wide search and considerable public concern.

At 7:16 p.m. Thursday, near Powell Cove Boulevard and Endeavor Place, an arm was discovered by a teenager named Natasha Shapiro, who took a picture of the body part and showed it to her mother back home, who then called police.

A law enforcement source told PIX11 that Shapiro also posted the photo on social media before calling authorities, something Shapiro denies.

With helicopters flying overhead, a swarm of NYPD dive teams, detectives and evidence technicians combed the site Thursday night, turning up two legs and a torso.

The feet had a pair of size 5 1/2 Nike Air Jordans. Those are the kind of shoes…

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