My Boy: Part 40

Jorge Juan had karate class today like he does every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For the past several times in karate class he has not been listening. Instead, he looks in the mirror and makes funny faces and has not been putting in a full effort. I know he wants to participate and he enjoys going to karate class,not because i want him too but because I sat and talked to him about it. I asked if he still wants to go to karate and he replied with a yes. I am not one for forcing children to do anything they do not want to do when it comes to extra curricular activities. I am glad he said yes. I really believe in karate and know that it teaches discipline, respect and self control. That is what children needs. That is just what Jorge needs so I am happy that he wants to continue especially because he says he wants to be the teacher and needs a black belt. This is important to me and my husband. We want Jorge Juan to succeed at these types of things and mostly we want him to enjoy them and like them. So I told him today tat if he acts up again in class, that I am not taking him on Saturday. he seemed sad for a bit and then I asked if he wanted to go and he replied yes. I told him I do not want to waste any more time and if we go to class it is for a reason. I want to teach him to never give up on these types of things and at the same time it is teaching me a lesson as well. I will NEVER give up on y son, EVER. I know he is capable. I know he can do it. I want full effort all the time. I always tell him it i snot about being perfect, it is about doing your best. Today, I know that he did not do his best because I have seen his capabilities and actions in class. His master even stated that he is most flexible and has the best high kicks. He has it in him. We know he does. Autism will not stop him. Today was just a lazy day, no loud HI-YA, no umph, slow motion, playing around, no listening ears. He still gets over stimulated at times. There is  also a new kid in class. He is to know that there are no excuses. I know he was feeling fine today and did well in school. He gets enough sleep and eats very well. I am guessing it is just him being a typical child, yes typical. He may have autism but it does not have him. He is a tiny tiger and so proud of his yellow belt. He learned today that if he misbehaves next class, I am putting his white belt on him for the next class. I know he does not want that because he knows that he has earned the yellow belt rank. It was just an off day but not too bad at all so I can not complain. Love will win. Patience will win. Faith will win. We came home and ate. He completed his homework, took a bath and went to bed.



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