My Boy: Part 39

So..this dream that Jorge Juan had the other night, I wish to share with you now. If you read the previous post, (My Boy:Part 38) you know that Jorge had a very vivid dream in which he explained in descriptive details. (If you did not have the chance to read part 38, please do so before continuing to read this.

Okay, so this dream was explained to me the other morning before school. Jorge Juan started talking to me as he was eating. He proceeded to tell me about this awesome dream. Keep in mind that he is 5 years old and on the Autism Spectrum, which most, if not all of you may know. You can find out more about Autism by asking me any questions you may have, any concerns or anything else that will help you to have a better understanding of Autism.

So this is Jorge talking….I was at the Tiger Mart, the one at Mobil, you know. I was there and a kangaroo was kicking and punching my back. This kangaroo was red. So he was kicking me and I was hitting him back. Then I looked in the street and there were a hundred, no a thousand kangaroos. They were all blue. They were in the street waiting. They were nice. The blue ones were nice kangaroos because they were not hitting me. A big kangaroo was kicking my back and  hitting me I was kicking back the re kangaroo. So I was there at the Tiger Mart and was hitting the red kangaroo back. You and Daddy were there too. There were a thousand kangaroos in the road and I was stopping them.

What an amazing, fun time. This is awesome. Just to think that he was non verbal up until he was about 3.5 years old. Keep on going. Never give up. Faith, love and dedication. Autism is his super power.


Brand new awesome playground at Seaside. This is one of the 26 playgrounds built in memory of the little angels from.Sandy Hook. This playground is not only beautiful but has a super special message. It honors a little girl and supports autism awareness. Proud to say this is in Bridgeport. My city.


Puzzle pieces everywhere..awesome.


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