Educational Research

Educational research is very important. In order to better our practices and develop new ways of teaching our students, we need to research the any topics that involve education and the process of learning. Research is a process that involves steps. In order to find out what we need and are looking for, we must follow the steps in the researching process. We first need to ask or prose a question. For example, it can be; what are we looking for? What do we really want to know and find out about this certain topic? The second thing that we need to do when conducting research is to collect data. We need to collect the data that answers the questions that we are looking to be answered. The third thing we must do is to present an answer to the question that we are seeking out. With educational research, it improves practice. Research can consist of case studies, surveys, self studies and other things such as conceptual and historical research. Research adds a lot to our knowledge. It also helps us make decisions.

There are steps that a researcher proceeds through when they are going to conduct a study.

1.Identify the research problem

2.Review the literature

3.Specify a purpose for the research

4.Collect the data

5. Analyze and interpret the data

6. Report and evaluate the research.

Following these steps is imperative for accurate educational research. It can also be a research process cycle that after step 6 it goes back to step 1.

There is quantitative research. This type of research collects numeric data from a large number of people using instruments with present questions and responses. It also analyzes trends and compares groups. There is qualitative research. It collecting data based on words from a small number of individuals and having the literature play a minor role but justify the problem are some parts of this type of research. It is best to address a research problem in which we do not know the variables and we need to explore things. There are different research designs that go along with this. Two are correlation Design and Survey Design. There are ethical issues that pertain when conducting educational research. That includes demonstrating respect to the audiences who read and use the information form the studies. In order to conduct research, one must possess certain skills such as increasing our attention span and lots of writing and editing.


Creswell, John W. Educational Research-Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research. 4Th Ed. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Paerson. 2012




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