My Boy: Part 38

This is just super spectacular awesome. I just have to share this. Jorge Juan decided to chat this morning before school. He told me all about his dream in very descriptive detail. I was so amazed and surprised. As his mommy, it is so cute and enjoyable to listen to. As an educator, it is a great milestone. It is a wonderful achievement as a child not only because he has autism either. He is very specific and so detail oriented. He recalled his dream with accuracy and excitement. He explained to me what happened with excitement and joy. I was and still am in awe and I will share the wonderful experience with you all. Please stay tuned……I have never really heard many adults recall their dream with such conviction. This dream was vivid in my mind as it was being told to me by my five year old son. I pictured it all. The colors, everything. You are going to love it. I sure did as well did my husband. I am so proud. It is not just a dream. It means so much for so many reasons. Autism will never stop my boy.



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