Module 3

Today I begin classes again. It was a great, wonderful, splendid time off with my family. I have enjoyed it very ,much. Now it is back to studying and getting one step closer to earning my Masters in Education with a concentration in teaching and learning. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Child Studies. The two classes that I am taking this module are EDU 697 and EDU 698. This means next module will be my very last class. Each module is 8 weeks long which is half the time of a typical semester. This also means that in 16 weeks I will be graduating. That is awesome. I have come so far. I was a little nervous about starting this module but now I am more excited. Keeping a positive attitude is key. There is a lot of work to be done but it will get done with time, patience and most of all passion. I love education. I especially am passionate about early childhood education. It is very important to me and I look forward to creating an amazing project. I feel very confident and strong. I am blessed to have my husband as my rock and our son as an inspiration to keep on going. Last module was tough for me but I made it through. I look forward to learning and sharing my passion with the world. I want to educate and inspire. I want to better the lives of young children. They are the future. It is just as important, if not more important to leave better children for the planet rather than a better planet for our children. This module is about Capstone research methods and reading and doing the research for the big final project. I do not know what it is yet but I do know that it will contain lots of care, thought and love. Many ideas are coming to mind. I am blessed to have my son, Jorge Juan, with me. He teaches me everyday. He is at the perfect grade, Kindergarten so it is a great experience doing homework and other arts and crafts with him.Please keep up with

Thank you!!!




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