My Boy: Part 37

Happy New Year from Jorge Juan!!! He is very exciting. He tells everyone, Happy Old Year because he knows it makes them laugh. He was a really good boy for the holiday. We went to family’s house very late last night and he cooperated very well. He did not take a nap all day and was up until 3 am. We got home around 4am and he stayed sleeping through the taking off coat, hat, etc. He woke up very happy. He has been playing with his new toys and watching some TV today. He also took care of his guinea pigs whom he loves so much. He is very sweet and each day he learns more manners and things that really matter. Pleases and thank yous all day. He always prays and is very thankful that God has given him a great family, pets, friends and all that good stuff. He is really over powering this Autism. He took many pictures of himself yesterday. He loves to make all different faces and take pics of them then he likes to go back and check them out. He really misses school and is super excited to return tomorrow. He is doing very well and I know this year is going to be even better for him and many other children who are on the spectrum. It is all about faith, hope and love. I know Jorge will achieve many things. He has already overcome so much. I hope that he inspires others. He knows it is 2014 and is becoming more aware of his surroundings. He asks any inquisitive questions and tries really hard with discipline and self control.

ImageFor a five year old boy, he is wise beyond his years and I am so proud to be his mommy.

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Dany, B.S. Child Studies, MEd candidate 2014


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