My Boy: Part 36

I only have one son but I know children pretty well considering my Bachelor of Science degree in Child Studies.So I know that children ask tons of questions each and every day. I also found that out when I was a lead pre kindergarten teacher at a private early childhood learning center. Anyhow, Jorge Juan asks questions from the moment he wakes up until he is in bed for the night. He wants to know everything. Many times I can not even answer his questions. His questions have depth and are very detail oriented and intriquite. A child may ask,” what shape is that?” and Jorge Juan will keep going from there. Not only does he want to know the shape of the object but the reasoning behind it. He needs to know it all. He likes to know the steps of the things we are doing and he always seems to be thinking ahead because he will ask how many more steps and what the next step will be. Jorge will ask about words in Spanish but also have the need to know why they sound the way they do and things of that nature. Where ate we going? Why are we going? Are we there yet? What are we getting there? Why are we getting it? Where are we going next? What are we going to do later? Yes, that is all typical of him and he does question in that order and manner all of the time. He is wise beyond his years and oh so curious that he really does teach me a lot about life and more. I learn patience as well. I never thought he would talk this much and I thank God because he never talked until he was after 3 years of  age and beyond. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and I have to let it soak in. Bit how can I snswer , why are are oranges orange? Hmm..many times I can be stumped. He is very intelligent and must know details to many things. When he asks me so.ething!, whatever it may be, he will ask my husband the same question just to get some kind of reassurance. Today was , how ling is an hour mommy? It is a long time Jorge just to go upstairs and grab a toy. I can easily say 60 minutes and that can turn into what is sixty minutes? And so on and so forth. It can get challenging but I learn everyday and I try my best to apply new knowledge in every situation. My indigo child of the new world….. We need to give children more credit. They are important and they matter. Not only is JJuan the future, he is the present and making his footprints as all children have the right to do.


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3 thoughts on “My Boy: Part 36

  1. So wonderful how you describe JJuan’s fascinating brain. As I was reading I said to myself he sounds very Indigo like my son. And then I read that exact description A minute later. They are the children who are going to change the world for the better. ❤️

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