My Boy: Part 32

He loves little toys. He always has loved tiny things. He always likes to hold them in his hand. He usually goes to sleep holding a tiny toy. Ooh and if he can not feel it or it falls out of his hand, he will wake up and look all over his bed until he finds it. He has woken us up before looking for his small toys. He loves squinkies. He also usually hides these tiny characters in his back pack, coat pockets, pants..wherever as long as he knows he has them with him. When he was in pre k he use to hide his toys in his pants. He would sneak them out of the house because he knew he could not bring them to school. One day while his teacher was assisting him in the rest room, several toys fell from his underwear. She told me about it when I picked him up. He would rather play with small and broken toys them some big toys. He has plenty but the Dollar Tree and small items are his favorites. He has hidden his toys in my husband’s socks, in our pillow cases, name it. That’s just his thing.


Oh yeah, pieces to games, broken crayons, small buttons, and anything tiny that he could fit in his hands. Ever since he was a baby and before we knew that he was on the Autism Spectrum.

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