My Boy: Part 31

Jorge Juan loves school. He is excited to get on the bus everyday. He is such a morning person as well. He most of the times gets up right away and brushes his teeth and washes his face. He then gets dressed. I still assist him with this but he has made a lot of improvements. He will then usually eat some fresh fruit and drink  some homemade super juice before getting on his coat. He gathers his things after saying hello to Zebra and George, his guinea pigs. He usually wants to wait outside for the bus but it has been too cold. Over the weekend, he played a lot, he sang, played his guitar and harmonica and had fun. He always thinks about school too practicing his high frequency words. Oh yeah for the past several days he has been into a toy magazine that came in the mail. He reads it constantly as if it was a book. He made his Christmas list over the weekend but stopped after four items. I think his hand got tired. Even though he has never seen Star Wars, he is obsessed with it and knows every single character. His biggest request is Lego Star Wars. Moving along,we have his PPT meeting this week so they can rewrite his IEP since he has achieved all of the goals. Autism is not stopping him.


He made this awesome Christmas Tree at school.

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