My Boy: Part 29

So…Jorge did really well on the flight to Ecuador. Now, this was not his first time on a plane or anything. We have traveled several times beforehand. He sat in his seat which was in the middle of me and my husband and buckled himself in. He had Woody from Toy story with him and no other comfort toys. He was occupied with watching some cartoons, eating and failing asleep. The time passed by. When we were going through customs and immigration in Ecuador, he was getting a little restless which was only natural since we arrived at about 4:30 in the morning. He stayed in line with us but then started to get a little antsy while we were waiting for all of our luggage. I do not blame him. We were tired as well. I am proud of him that he was not too stimulated or overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of the airport. He actually liked it. But that is not all. We still had to take a 3 hour car drive to our destination. What a long day for anyone, especially a five year old with ASD. We made a stop to eat and he was just a bit fussy but nothing too bad. In the car he slept some and played with his grandma. This gave him plenty of chances to practice his Spanish.

We made it to our destination and Jorge was happy to be there. He ran around a bit and flapped a little,, this is how I know he was happy and could not wait to see everyone.

We were in Ecuador for 10 days. During this time, Jorge advanced his Spanish vocabulary and communicated effectively with others. He went swimming and played in the ocean. He LOVES the water. It brings him happiness and peace. It is also great therapy.

There were days where he just wanted to eat red Gala apples but the most part he ate really well; lots of fish, chicken, rice. He loved playing with the dog and five chickens that were in the coop, everyday, several times that is just what he wanted to do.

Between everything, I also worked with Jorge on a vacation packet from school which I had asked the teacher to prepare. So while he was on vacation, he still read some books, practiced his writing, math, shapes, cutting, etc. He even made some pictures on his own and told a short story about them. He would do this for a while then go swing in the hammock.

Awesome. Just, awesome.

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