My Boy: Part 28

Yay!! Today was the first day back to school after vacation. We traveled to Ecuador to visit family and Jorge Juan had a great time. More than that, he did so wonderful on the airplane – the way there and the way back home. We are so very proud of him. A six hour flight is long for just about anyone and especially to a child with special needs. I am still in amazement of how well behaved he was on flight and waiting in the airport. No meltdowns or crying or anything overwhelming. What a proud mommy I am right now. It really makes me think…where has Autism been hiding? Not that I am looking for it or anything but it really is an amazing thing to see no signs (almost) of autism in a child that was diagnosed on the middle of the spectrum at age 3.

Yes, he was excited at the airport. He was pacing back and forth and flapping. He was happy. He does that when he is really excited. It is just his thing, ya know. That was the only “sign” of Autism that was noticeable. It is amazing what Faith does..truly amazing…

Thanks for reading and be on the look out to hear more about Jorge’s trip. He has done some amazing things. It is Au-Some!! I look forward to sharing with you and as always questions and comments are welcome and suggested.



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