My Boy: Part 27

The parent / teacher conference went super well. Jorge came with us and behaved very well. He loves that school and really enjoys it there. He loves his teachers. We met with his primary ASD teacher and his mainstream Kindergarten teacher. They are both awesome and understanding. We could really see that they are dedicated in helping Jorge reach his goals and his full potential as well as beyond. I am very satisfied with the education that he is receiving. The best news of the night was that his IEP needs to be rewritten because he has mastered his goals already. The IEP was made in August so you can imagine how proud we are of Jorge for progressing and learning rapidly. I really liked the fact that his teacher stated that we needed another PPT meeting a d we did not have to ask for it. That’s awesome and that’s how I k ow they are on top of things. Jorge is doing super academically and he improves daily. The focus will be continuing strengthening his social skills and working on fine tuning his hand writing and fine motor skills. It’s awesome. His report card was excellent and he is on track. Autism does not have anything on him and it is due to the fact that we see it as a super ability. Because in reality if this is Autism, what is wrong with it? He loves people and animals and he adores God. He has empathy and loves caring for babies. Jorge loves hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy. He loves to snuggle and care for his guinea pig. He’s curious and asks many questions. He lines up his toys. He watches the same things. He becomes obsessed with certain things but that’s what makes him unique. We refuse to see it as a disability. From day one, it was hard to hear the diagnosis. It still feels like yesterday sometimes but I know we have come far. It is this way because we believe Autism is a gift in disguise. A blessing. Nit a disability but a super ability.


Only but sometimes does this super hero need to be in disguise.


Thank you,


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