My Boy: Part 24

Yesterday at Karate…just could not get Jorge to stay in line and focus. Once that music went on for the obstacle course, he started moving. Shaking, jumping, kicking and all sorts of flapping. It was some techno type music
It really got him pumped. He became over stimulated and could not snap out of it. Needless to say he missed his turn because he was just bouncing around in the moment. I have not seen him like that in such a long time. The loud music and lights just over stimulated his senses. I have video of him doing super high karate kicks and poses and going with the rhythm. At the time, I keep telling him to get back back in line over and over again. It just was not happening. I could not get through. When I gave it some thought I realized he was stimming and for a long time at that. He did not hurt himself or anyone else so I am good with that. His karate Master knows he has Autism and understands. The parents really do not know. They think he is so funny and they laugh as if he was the class clown. Some things he does are funny but I wish the parents could understand. I mean this hasn’t happened for a very long time. The extent of the stimming and all…I just want more awareness. Awareness is what is needed. Autism is not contagious. Its his super ability.


Sometimes it happens and many times, it does not. I just wonder what it’s like inside of his brain while all of this is happening. I bet it is magical.
Thank you everyone!!!



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