My Boy: Part 23

I remember when Jorge would watch Toy Story 3 over and over again. Not just in one day, but day after day and week after week. That was his obsession for a while. I remember when he likes to wear the same pajamas night after night and watch the same cartoons. We have Hulu Plus and each day he will pick the same kind of shows with the exact episodes that he has recently viewed. He remembers the names of the episodes and asks to play each one. He likes the tags ripped off all of his stuffed animals and clothes. He likes to use the green crayon most often. If he falls asleep with a  certain T shirt on, he will want to wear it in the morning. He became obsessed with Ninja Turtles after giving up Buzz Lightyear which I never thought he would. He used to be extremely scared of flushing toilets and the sound of the hand dryer in public restrooms. The bright lights and strong sun are not his favorite things. Even though it is cold, he insists on waiting for the school bus outside. He switches between right and left hand when he does his homework and art work. He is becoming a karate master and insists that we “box”. He talks. Yes, we waited years to hear his voice but he talks and he read..He loves to read. He loves books and he reads a lot. He has been reading for a very long time now. I am so proud of him. When he was three years old, he was said to be in the middle of the Autism Spectrum but from then and until forever he is in my heart.

He is high functioning. I thank God everyday for the blessings. Just because he was once in the middle does not mean that is where he was bound to stay. It is a spectrum for a reason. He has improved and continues to improve each day. It is important to keep going forward. Never giving up. Where there is Faith, there are great things. Dedication is a key factor. I am not trying to change my son at all. I do not wish Autism away. It is his super ability. I just work with him all the time to ensure that he will lead the best life possible with all the capabilities necessary. Going from non verbal to non stop talking in a couple years is a great window of opportunity of hope, that with Love and first and foremost God..All things are possible.

Thank you.

Comments and Questions are always welcome here.

Dany ❤


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