My Boy:Part 22

Jorge was Batman for Halloween. He loved it so much. He kept his mask on longer than I thought he would. He had so much fun looking at all of the other children walking around the mall in their costumes. He did say trick or treat a few times and thank you as well. I was so proud of him. He did not have a sensory overload. It was a lot to take on. The lights were bright. There were a lot of people and it was crowded. The noise and surrounding sounds.were full force. He was in his own world, enjoying the festivities. After a while, he did not care about collecting candy and he wanted to play. I took him to the play area and he had a blast running around with the other children dressed up too.


I would not have expected this last year. I believe it would have been all too much but as always Jorge seems to keep proving Autism wrong. Its like he’s saying, “you’re not going to win.” This is true. Autism is not going to win. Jorge is going to win. With the attitude of Autism being a super ability,we got it in the bag. We’re on a mission, an important one at that. We will continue to triumph over the days that seem to overwhelm and turn every negative into a positive one. You can too!!! Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for part 23 coming very soon. As always, questions and comments welcome. Autism is a journey. Its about perception and perceverence. Its about love, faith and hope. Its about removing the disability status and reclaiming our children as indigos with super abilities. We can do it!!!
With love,


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