What Does Autism Mean to you?

I’m looking for all comments from families  and friends that know someone with autism. As well I’m looking for comments from people on the spectrum. I am wondering what it is like for you. Autism is a wide spectrum “super ability”. I’d love to hear about you since you have been supportive reading about my son Jorge.


Please share with others as well. Thanks for the support. Look forward to hearing from you all. As always, questions for us are always welcome.


6 thoughts on “What Does Autism Mean to you?

  1. To me Autism means not having to live by societies rules, It means being different and being proud of that. Living up to nobodies expectation. Autism is thinking in a way that makes more sense, looking from a different point of view that some people may miss. I love my daughter and she has Autism. She means a lot to me, so Autism means a lot to me as well. Autism acceptance means everything!

  2. With respect, that is the wrong question.
    A more meaningful and useful question would be;
    “What does being autistic mean to you?”
    “Autism” is a construct.
    It doesn’t really exist.
    “Being autistic” is about living in the real world.
    We’d all do well to stop talking about autism quite so much and instead give some thought to what being autistic is all about.

    1. So what does being autistic mean to you? I am not autistic and if I was ID say I’m me and nothing’s going to change the real me. My child has autism, same root word. I live this life journey with her and I feel a lot of what she feels. But she is who she is and should be accepted. Why not?

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