My Boy: Part 21

My son has been in Kindergarten for about 2 months now. It has been a positive adventure so far as he is learning so much. He has homework four days a week and comes home with lots of papers and activities that they do in school. He has been very busy. That is great because it keeps him occupied. He has watched a lot of his shows this weekend because we have been sick. I had to pick him up early on Friday but he did not even want to leave. As he told me, he wanted to stay at school. That is a positive thing. It made me feel good because he feels safe and comfortable in that environment. Like I have been saying, I do not know where his autistic symptoms are going. He did flap his hands for a short bit yesterday but nothing more. Thank God he has been calm and no tantrums. Yesterday he was having a bit of a hard time looking for his costume in different stores but nothing major, just as any typical child would react.

I started to write about my son after I had written a status on my Facebook page the day after he visited the neurologist. As his therapists are saying as well, it seems like his symptoms are disappearing. If they did not know “better” they would not think that he has autism. Maybe he is in remission. Maybe he is recovering. What could be going on? If there was a cure, it would be unconditional love and acceptance. Seeing Autism as a super ability and not a disability works wonders.

Could it be that we never wanted to cure him? Because what is wrong with a child who is loyal, compassionate, empathetic, sweet and has faith in God? right, nothing at all.

I have the same but different child I did several years ago. He has just developed because of Love and Hope. He has been through many tests for many different things. That was harder to witness than any autism characteristic. He still loves to hold onto the tiniest of stickers when rewarded or a specific item but where did everything go? I wonder in amazement.

As for any of you, who have a child who has been diagnosed with Autism, never lose hope. There are hard days, there are plateaus but with God, all things are possible. No one can explain where exactly Autism came from or what causes it. It just is. Look at it with different eyes.


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