My Boy: Part 20

Oh Autism, where did you go? I am not complaining, just curious. It seems like each and every day, we have improvements here. This is why you should never give up; there is always hope. Some days may be hard but when you pull through, it make sit all worth while. that is what we have learned. It has taken us some years to get to where we are. It is all about faith, love, dedication, early intervention, therapies, commitment and accepting the diagnosis. This does not mean it is a life sentence. First step is accepting autism and the next step is to work on bettering the life of the child. This is what we did. We could not help our son if we did not admit or accept that he has autism.

So that is what we did. I always had in mind that everything is about perception and the diagnosis of autism is not the end of the world but in fact it is the beginning of a new one. Everything will get better. I know it was hard for years not to hear my son speak to us. It was difficult when he could not answer questions or say his name. Just knowing that one day we will made all the difference. Now did we know? It was just faith in God. Something that we deeply desired so our son can live a fulfilled life.

For everything my son could not do at the time, I gave thanks to God for the things that he can do, for instance- seeing, walking, hearing and he was healthy. I just tried putting myself in his shoes and did things as I could at the time.

We just had to be proactive and looking for cues. At the same time doing what we can with the tools we had to improve quality of life. I thank God that this diagnosis coincided at the very moment I was enrolled in my class Teaching the Exceptional Child. I think that really made a big difference. I feel it just had to happen that way.

As always comments and questions are welcomed.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for part 21..coming soon!!!



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