My Boy: Part 19

I thank God everyday fro blessing us with such a special son. He is truly advancing in many ways. He just seems very typical lately. Yesterday, I had to send his teacher a note because his homework was way to easy for him. It was a sight word bard with the words and, I, the and like on it. He flew through it. That is because he has been reading books completely for a long time now and on a 1st grade and above level. I do not want him to become bored and I highly believe in differentiation. They are really awesome at that school and sent home appropriate work that would cause him to think instead of run through.

Take a LOOK –

So never give up. If your child has been diagnosed with autism, never give up. Keep the faith and remember all children can learn. Do not underestimate the power that is within them. Autism is a super power. If you would meet my son today, you would probably not think Autism…well until he stims. He was stimming a lot today. It was cute, I admit. he has been excited about Halloween. Oh yeah he wants to be batman, spider man, red power ranger, hulk, a mummy..and more. Great imagination. Let’s see where this goes..

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