My Boy: Part 18

What is your super power?
42552 In our home, we have autism.

So it seems that Autism has been in “hiding” for a while.According to much of society and the lack of autism awareness, autism is many times looked down upon. My son has been doing very well. He is learning so much. I am in awe of him. Each day I am learning so much from him. He does well on the weekends and wakes up nicely come Monday morning- usually.

He engages in pretend play. He shows so much empathy and compassion. He cares for his guinea pig. He is a typical child with a super ability.

Thinking back over the past couple of years, Jorge has pretty much come full circle. He still is sensitive to sunlight, bright lights, loud noises and things of that nature. He has not been stimming and I must admit, I do miss seeing him stim. It has been a part of him.

He talks…and talks..and questions the world around him. He strikes up conversations and is not shy to help people in need, especially crying babies.

He eats on his own. He uses the bathroom and brushes his teeth on his own. He reached those goals. He has gotten there. There were times when those goals seemed far fetched but with determination and perseverance he hit the mark,

He tells us what he does and school and what food he eats for lunch. He can tell with with whom he did each lesson or project with and lets us know the rules of his classroom. He does his homework and chooses his own after school snack. He likes to have choices as with any child, typical or on the spectrum, choices are important for self-esteem.

We are very proud of my son and hopeful that he will lead a very successful life. There is no doubt in mind. He has inspired and done so much in these 5 years of his life. His love, compassion and energy is contagious- not his autism. Which, if it was, would not be so bad after all. Autism is not a life sentence, it is the beginning of life’s novel of never ending possibilities.





2 thoughts on “My Boy: Part 18

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words as they mean a lot. If you ever need anything you know where to find me. It makes me proud that people like you are reading and commenting on my blog. It is a blessing to make people feel motivated and inspired. I hope I can keep doing that.

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