This Could be My Boy: Part 3

This child is still missing. Please help out and share. We all need to get together and show support. This could be my son and it could also be yours. I can not begin to imagine what the family is going through.

Look at this precious face. Help bring him home where he belongs. He can not tell you what he needs but I know, if he was my son, what he needs.

This is really close to home. I have an autistic son who needs to be supervised at all time  in school just like Avonte. Please, we can not let this happen. All children need to be watch carefully. This could be my son. I pray that he has a safe return home and that he is safe, wherever he may be. Please be on the look out. I pray that Aonte gets home.

Remember he does not talk but that does not mean he is less. If you see him, call the police. Please care for him until his family arrives. If that was my son I would want you to do the same.




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