My Boy: Part 17

Thursdays are a typically a long day for my son. He goes to school from 7:50 and arrives home about 3:30. Then at 5:00, he has his Speech Therapy session and at 6:00, he has karate. Wow, whew I get tired just thinking about it. He is doing super well.

Today, his therapist told me that he really does not need her services anymore. He has become really advanced for the one on one private speech therapy sessions. I was amazed. I knew that Jorge has been improving. I can just see it and feel it. Hard work and dedication. Then we talked for about 15 minutes (we were only a few minutes late to karate) and she was just telling me how smart he is, how advanced he has become. She has been his ST for a little over 2 years. When we first brought Jorge to her, he was non verbal and stimmed like there’s no tomorrow. Now, at the age of 5, she basically told me that her services for Jorge are not needed by him anymore. It was kind of bittersweet because she has been with him for  along time. At first he was going twice a week for speech therapy, then once a week and now once every two weeks. That is vast improvement. It gives me more hope everyday. She told us it is because we are good parents. That is one of the best compliments one could receive. As I have written, I resigned from my job as a lead pre kindergarten teacher to home school my son for the summer. And..we worked hard and never gave up. So she agrees with the neurologist and says as well, if she did not know Jorge, she would not even know think he has autism or was on the autism spectrum. She said if she had to evaluate him at this point and saw his diagnosis she would be surprised and have to disagree to that he has ASD. Maybe he is just AU-Some. But really that made my day. It made my day because as parents we are just doing our job loving and caring as well as teaching our son to be the best that he can be, to use his potential to the fullest. Best job ever, when you get paid with pure love.

I truly hope this inspires parents with children who have autism. I pray that it gives parents hopes and desires. Nothing is impossible with God. Believe and never give up. Autism is not a life sentence. Miracles happen. Things get better. Things flow. You are not alone. I have always been one to say that Autism is my son’s super ability. It is not a disability. A child that loves God, prays, shows affection, is kind to animals, tries, and has dreams; that is a child capable of changing the world.

Of course, when we first heard the diagnosis of Autism, a couple years ago, it was a bit difficult, never impossible. Although some days it did seem strenuous, that made us stronger. Even from that point, I have always said that is what the doctors says, just because he is on the middle of the spectrum now does not mean he will always be. That is just the perception of the doctor. I do not know where that positive energy came from but it is what we needed to move forward and be the advocates that our son and other children with autism need.

As always, all questions and comments are welcome.

Children with autism are just Au-Some

Dany – mommy to Jorge Juan
B.S.- Child Studies
M.Ed. candidate

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