This Could be My Boy: Part 2

Yes..this could be my boy. Autistic, innocent, sweet. Please bring him home safe God. Please help find him everyone. Be on the look out, post pictures, visit Facebook- here is the link -

He went missing from New York. He could be anywhere in the Tri State area because they are saying he was fascinated with trains and knows how to ride a subway. He is non verbal and can not ask for help. If you see him, please make sure he stays warm and eats until you call authorities. He needs his family and his family needs him.

As a mom to a boy with autism, a teacher, an autism advocate, a friend, a neighbor and fellow human, I ask that you share this enthusiasm with me to help reunite this boy with his family. I do not know him personally but that does not matter. We are here to serve others. I would want someone to help me search for my son. This could be my boy. He could be in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey- wherever the subway can take him. Let us show some support and unity.

He is non verbal. He can not tell you what he needs. We know what he needs – his family, his home. He needs the comfort. He has been missing for about two weeks. My heart breaks just to think of it. This could be my boy. If you see him please protect him and help him to safety. It is getting cold. Give him something to eat. I pray that he gets home today, Now….It really touches home. This could be my boy. Please share this and spread the word. What if this was your son?

Thank you!!!




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