This Could be My Boy..

Please help find this child. I personally do not know this boy but he could easily be mine. He went missing from school. how could they let this happen? This could be my boy. He has autism as does my boy. He is non verbal as my boy was. Please let’s help find him. He must be scared. He can not ask for help. He can not tell you he is hurting or lost. He is innocent and needs to be home with his family. The following is the link to the Facebook support page Please share and post anywhere you can. Like I have said, I do not know this boy personally but he could easily be my boy. Please help bring him home safe and sound. It is cold and he could be hungry but he is unable to tell you. He needs his mommy as does my son. I thank God I have my son here but the precious boy that is missing could easily be my boy and not only because he is autistic too but because he is innocent and in need of guidance. He could be anywhere wandering so please let us work together to bring this baby home to his family. I know I need my son with me so I can not begin to imagine what this family is going through. I am just trying to help and I feel I need to help because this could easily be my boy. Look at this precious face..I bet if he could ask for help, he would. We are all here on this earth to help one another. Let us bring this child to safety and home where he belongs. Please take a good look at the picture…He has something special with him and he also has his super ability -Autism and can not verbally tell you his wants or needs but this could easily be my boy..Praying for a safe return home.


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