My Boy: Part 16

My son stimmed a lot today..a whole lot. He was super excited to see his abuelita that just arrived from Ecuador. He is so happy. Jorge had a super good long day today. He went to karate after school. It is amazing to see him participate with discipline and respect. Although he did propose a fight with a black belt a month or so ago. What can I say?  The kid has spirit. Like I always say, autism is his super power. He is so connected to everything in life. He knows the Secret.  Why is autism becoming so common? This is like the coming of a new world, a new group of children that are wise beyond their years. They can see and hear what we can not. This can explain the sensitivity to sound and light. Jorge has autism for a reason. A blessing in disguise, it sure is. He is an example to never give up…Oh the things he is learning. It amazes me and it is encouraging. Just to think he was non verbal for more than half his life and would stim multiple times a day. He use to have to carry multiple itemse to because if he did not have those certain things  with him, no matter how small. And yes, I said have to because if he did not have those certain things in his hands, he would become anxious. He has come a long way in just a short time. He has made a turn around that only God made possible. (stay tuned for part 17)      Thank you!!!!


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