My Boy: part 15

There have been many days lately that I “forget” that my son has Autism,  Thank God he has been well mannered and behaved at home and in public. He is more aware and attentive. I appreciate this time. He is growing. little by little gaining more independence. He was excited about something today so he stimmed a bit, but it did not even last that long. He has been very happy. Now only if he will stay in his own bed past 6 a.m. He is an early bird. He is usually in bed by 8:30. He has been falling asleep easily. The other night he was kind of bouncing off the walls because he drank some juice – the colored sugar water (which we usually do not have in the house, it was left over from his birthday party and he found it).

Today I was reading that 1 in 50 children have autism. What in the world is going on? Just last year it was 1 in 88 and just before that it was 1 in 125. Where is it coming from? Is it really that bad? Why are they finding all of this out? There are so many questions. Is it reversible?

My son talks a mile a minute now and I remember 2 years ago when I was thinking when I will ever hear him say a sentence or even a couple of words. I remember a year ago when I was in pure amazement because my son was finally potty trained. I waited for that day and at times it seemed like it would not come, but it did. There is hope. I remember when my son will just aimlessly run back and forth, pace and stim and hum..and keep humming. Now I can see that he stims once in a while especially when he is really excited about something. I still see him walk on his toes now and then but I thank God that he can walk. He started walking a little after he turned 1. He was a happy flappy baby!!!

I never realized that he was not hitting milestones until I was in my Teaching the Exceptional Child Class. Then I started linking what I was reading to what I have been seeing. And you know what? I would not want it any other way. God made him unique. He made him special so we, as parents, can understand how to love unconditionally and appreciate the blessings He put upon our son.

Yes, it was tough first hearing the diagnosis and we realized the door that just closed, Well we have the key for it. Thank You God, our son is happy and healthy. He does not know he is different. But is he really?

And that you are……

(stay tuned for part 16)

there’s more??

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