My Boy: part 14

Usually he does not like to wear hats or gloves. He has a sensory issue. As soon as he can he takes off his socks and shoes. He never wore shoes the first year of his life at all. In the first year of pre k, he would take off his shoes. Never liked footsie pajamas until recently..kind of. The tags had to be cut out of his clothes and even his stuffed animals. Never wanted anything touching his skin except his bare little belly touching mine or daddy’s. He like direct skin contact. I wonder if this was because he was breast fed for almost a year a a half.

So yes, he was breast fed. I took all of my vitamins and ate fairly well during pregnancy. I was not around toxins or people who smoked. I never missed a doctor visit. Yet, my son has autism. Like I have said before, I do not know where it came from or how it happened but I did all I could to ensure my baby was healthy and happy inside.

It is now 1 in every 88 children. Something is going on. Is it all bad?

My son is a blessing from God. A gift who inspires us each and every day with his intelligence, empathy and love. He has an innate ability to care for the tiniest of things. He is a child. He is unique. He has overcome many obstacles that Autism created, Look what happened….

We do not know what caused it and at this point instead of wasting time trying to do so; we are looking at the future and the huge strides in development that he has already taken. Now we try to eat healthy. We do not always eat organic or gluten free but my son is getting better. He has had all of his required vaccines and he is still improving.

(stay tuned for part 15)

thank you all for reading

Please share with your friends and and people that can benefit from a positive outlook on Autism. It is not a life sentence. faith.Love.Determination.

If you’re happy and you know it, FLAP your hands!! I love you Jorge Juan.

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2 thoughts on “My Boy: part 14

  1. I’m pretty sure being exposed to a smoker would NOT cause autism. My parents both smoked, and my mother did so during her pregnancy. It’s hard to tell if you’re just trying to reassure yourself that you didn’t cause this, or if that was a “stink eye” at smokers–those “less than” people. I’m quite sure your son’s health issue isn’t your fault. As you say, he is a blessing from God. My parents were also blessings from God, and not less so because they used tobacco. Perhaps tobacco is a blessing from God ~ much like lettuce, beautiful flowers, the grass we walk on, potatoes and other plants…at least until humans alter it genetically and spray it with harmful pesticides. Those pesticide residues have been proven to cause auto-inflammatory and endocrine problems, as well as the rise in allergies and sensitivities in children of this age.

    Feel free to delete my post. I just wanted you to be aware that judgemental attitudes about people can be hurtful–whether a person is judging based on sickness, disability, the way someone looks, or even smoking. And a whiff or two of pipe smoke during a pregnancy surely wouldn’t cause autism.

    1. I am sorry that you are misunderstanding the message that I am sending. It is unfortunate. In no way do I put people down nor is it ever my intention.. On a side note, we all know, from statistics, that smoking lessens the lives of people.As well, second hand smoke causes harmful side effects as well.That is why I took all precautions when I was pregnant. Thank you for your comment.

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