My Boy: part 13

Ok, so he likes to make faces and pose in the mirror during karate class and he likes to pretend he’s a crab-snapping hands and all, but he is participating for the most part. He jogs, he kicks, blocks and all that other crazy karate jazz. He just needs a lot of redirection at times but they all think he is so cute. I find that karate is a good therapy. He goes three times a week for about 40 minutes each time.


He goes to Occupational Therapy once every other week and Speech therapy every other week. The schedule rotates. So it end up being one week OT then the next speech. But that day he has speech is a long day for him because right after that he has karate class after being in school for the entire day which is over 7 hours with the bus ride. Woah and he does it all. i am so proud of him. He is doing so well in OT that it looks like the sessions are coming to an end. Although he still will be reviving OT in school as part of the IEP.

In the beginning he was doing speech 2x a week. then it went down to 1x a week after a while and now we are at every other week. Also, OT was every week as well. So this neurologist is onto something. Just last month he said his Autism symptoms were “disappearing” and that he doe snot even seem like he was on the spectrum. He gave him a full in depth check up and was shocked and even said he did not need any more OT. Just to think, this is the same DOCTOR THAT WANTED TO GIVE HIM MEDICATION AT ONE POINT. THIS WAS THE SAME DOCTOR WHO PLACED HIM ON THE MIDDLE OF THE SPECTRUM AND THOUGHT THAT HE COULD HAVE BEEN HAVING MINI SEIZURES DUE TO BLANK STARES…and after time after prayers and dedication and never losing hope and faith- he is improving and that is an understatement.

And once the caterpillar thought it was over..


Hew emerged as a butterfly……..

(stay tuned for part 14)



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