My Boy: part 12

My son loves Kindergarten. We are so blessed. He has been showing great signs of improvement for the month and a half he has been at school. Really..sometimes I forget that he has autism. Like I said before I have no idea where it came from. My pregnancy was normal as I took all my vitamins and went to every appointment. I ate fairly well but had lots of morning sickness. I was doing every thing to the best I can so taht my son would be born healthy without anything wrong with him. Let me just say, that there is nothing wrong with him. But, I was following all the rules , so how could my son end up with autism? The world alone can be scary for someone that doe not know about it. Let me tell you that a few years ago we did not know what it meant. All I remembering seeing about autism are the billboards that read 1 in it is more like 1 in 88 but anyways…

The way that we look at it is a super ability. Attitude is everything.

Jorge was born a day late via emergency C section. On my due date, he was moving so much that I thought he was ready. I mean that he was moving for hours, making huge waves then the morning when I woke up, he was not moving at all. I called the doctor and he said to move on my side..blah blah..and in 20 minutes if not moving then to eat something. Well I ate two huge hamburgers with the works and a glass of fresh juice and nothing. The baby still was not moving. Called again so we had to go right to the office for a sonogram. We went in and they did the ultrasound…all the doctor said was to go to the hospital. So we go to the hospital and they do three more ultrasounds. I was only .5 centimeters dilated. They were going to induce me but came back within a minute and said that the baby was too far up and his heart rate was dropping. I needed to go in the operating room asap. So I go in. It was cold. I was numb. Could not feel anything below my neck. they cut him out. He was born. I did not hear him cry right away. But he did pee right on the doctor. Then he did cry. I looked over at him and he looked prefect. The doctors told me that the cord was wrapped around his entire body, not once but TWICE. Really? That could happen..and I have always questioned if that caused Autism..since we do not know exactly where it comes from.

(stay tuned for part 13)

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